About Johnson Guitars U.S.A. and Stremel Guitars

Johnson Guitars U.S.A. is a musical instrument manufacturer in Yuma, Arizona, founded in 1986.

 They design and manufacture solid and semi-acoustic body guitars and basses. While many of their instruments are of their own design, they also manufacture very creditable versions of some of the most famous models produced by the major manufacturers such as Fender and Gibson. While striving for highest quality, and where applicable historical accuracy, they also maintain a priority of affordability, making them a favorite of beginners as well as veteran players.

In addition to the more traditional instruments, Johnson Guitars U.S.A. also produces two additional lines with more unique designs:

The “Assault” series is based on modern military aircraft and weapons designs


The “Exotic” series carries designs such as a shark, a dragon and an Egyptian icon. In addition to their customary emphasis on playability, quality and affordability, these designs are as much artwork as they are superb musical instruments.

It has been common practice for years among guitar makers to reproduce famous designs such as Fender’s Stratocaster and Gibson’s Les Paul. Rather than being considered in any way inappropriate, this has always been done respectfully and with full disclosure regarding the original design, and accepted as an homage to those designs and manufacturers.

As such, Johnson Guitars U.S.A. has found itself being paid the singular and dubious compliment of having its historic design copies themselves being copied by foreign manufacturers, including copies of the Johnson logo.






The Yuma Sun:


Rockin’ with style: Yuman handcrafts unique guitars

Work of local guitar craftsman will be seen on SNL

  1. Tom says:

    I have a resonator that needs setup I’ve been waiting 3 months for that guy at fretworks can you do a setup for me.

  2. Greg Sherry says:

    Broken machine head D string model JG 622- E please help can you replace this?

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