After the Johnson Guitars name was “acquired” by overseas manufactures (how many Chinese Guys do you know named “Johnson”?) Rick Johnson, the founder, designer, and builder of Johnson Guitars U.S.A. started to build under the name Stremel, which is a name of family history.

The Stremel line ranges from Traditional designs to modern designs as well. These designs provide outstanding comfort to the player, as well as a great balance and incredible tone.

On the traditional side of the Stremel Line, the guitars offer familiar designs, some with a twist:

S - Styles

S – Styles



Maybe the “Norm” is not what you are after… Maybe you are looking for a guitar that is comfortable to play for  hours, where it just fits your body and feels like an extension of you hands, where everything is in the correct spot to inspire you to dig deeper and head into the musical play you have never ventured…

If that is the case, you are looking for a Stremel S-Series Guitar

Stremel S Series

Stremel S Series

Available with Several pickup and bridge configurations, not to mention tone woods and fret board woods, these guitars will take your playing to the next level. Handmade, one at a time by one man, these guitars have no equal in player comfort, playability, and feel.

S-46 Stop Tail

S-46 Stop Tail

S-46 Tremolo

S-46 Tremolo

Purpleheart S-46 with Schaller 3D-6 Bridge

Purpleheart S-46 with Schaller 3D-6 Bridge

Call today to find out how you can get a hold of the guitar you have been looking to play the rest of your life…

  1. Daniel Bombard says:

    Johnson Guitars RULE… I have the prototype J46 Johnson as well as about 8 other “premium” guitars. The first guitar I pickup to play is the Johnson… Real men play with their Johnson!!!

  2. DON AUTEN says:

    RICK, you helped me get the Technical illustrator job at SEI when you left to make guitars. We met at American Dream Music and you had some new jet guitars you had made. I like your manuals, and we got into conversation. It’s it has been many years and I see you are still making guitars. Do you remember mes? Your dad Fox Johnson was one of the retired admirals at SEI. My number is 858-336-8326 please drop me a note. I became a Civil Engineer, designing roads, sewer, water, grading, surveying, Then became an Electronics Engineer doing printed circuit board design, and now I am a Mechanical Engineer. I use Solidworks 3D modeling. Can we talk?

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