Johnson Guitars U.S.A. Machine Gun Guitar

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Johnson U.S.A Guitars
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Johnson USA Guitars has designs from Traditional and Modern, to full-blown Exotic in the line up. perhaps you are looking for something to assult your music with?

You may have seen Alice Cooper’s guitar player Kane Roberts armed with a Rocket Launching, Fire Breathing Machine Gun Guitar in concert:


Kane Roberts of Alice Cooper and Solo efforts

Or perhaps you have seen Kesha in concert sporting a Pyrotechnic Machine Gun Guitar as well?



Pop Star Ke$ha opening fire

All of these Machine Gun guitars were made by Johnson Guitars USA and are currently available.

Stremel Gun Guitar with working Pyrotechnics

Stremel Gun Guitar with working Pyrotechnics

AK-47 Machine Gun Guitar

AK-47 Machine Gun Guitar

Not only do they provide a level of attention demanding eye-candy, they are also well playing instruments that are not gimics. These guitars are extremely playable with Solid Wood construction, fast necks, and outstanding electronics… All made right here in the U.S.A.!

Open Fire

Open Fire

Call today to find out how you can get your own musical assult underway

  1. Bruce Brownlee says:

    Hello,I just came across your site on a search for machine gun guitars and would like to know what the price of the guitars are that are pictured.Thanks for your time,Bruce

    • Reverend Bow says:

      Hello Bruce and Thanks for looking at the site,

      Please contact the Shop at the number shown in the Header of the Blog and speak with Rick directly to see if he can build you what you are looking for. The shop is open 10-5 (MST) M-F.

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