Custom Stremel/BME S-46

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Custom Stremel/BME S-46 just finished.

Body: Mahogony, Purpleheart, Canarywood

Neck: Maple with Rosewood Fretboard

Hardware: Stop tail with a Roller Bridge

3 GFS mini-humbuckers

Custom BME (Bastard Musical Engineering) wiring scheme: Bridge Volume, Neck Volume, Neck/Middle Tone  Push/Pull to activate the Middle Pickup

Owner: The Webmaster  (Hell Yeah!)

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Happy New Year

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Keep Pickin’

After the Johnson Guitars name was “acquired” by overseas manufactures (how many Chinese Guys do you know named “Johnson”?) Rick Johnson, the founder, designer, and builder of Johnson Guitars U.S.A. started to build under the name Stremel, which is a name of family history.

The Stremel line ranges from Traditional designs to modern designs as well. These designs provide outstanding comfort to the player, as well as a great balance and incredible tone.

On the traditional side of the Stremel Line, the guitars offer familiar designs, some with a twist:

S - Styles

S – Styles



Maybe the “Norm” is not what you are after… Maybe you are looking for a guitar that is comfortable to play for  hours, where it just fits your body and feels like an extension of you hands, where everything is in the correct spot to inspire you to dig deeper and head into the musical play you have never ventured…

If that is the case, you are looking for a Stremel S-Series Guitar

Stremel S Series

Stremel S Series

Available with Several pickup and bridge configurations, not to mention tone woods and fret board woods, these guitars will take your playing to the next level. Handmade, one at a time by one man, these guitars have no equal in player comfort, playability, and feel.

S-46 Stop Tail

S-46 Stop Tail

S-46 Tremolo

S-46 Tremolo

Purpleheart S-46 with Schaller 3D-6 Bridge

Purpleheart S-46 with Schaller 3D-6 Bridge

Call today to find out how you can get a hold of the guitar you have been looking to play the rest of your life…

The selection of designsat Johnson Guitars U.S.A. spans from Traditional to something that makes you stand out from the crowd of other players out there…

You can have a God-like guitar worthy of God-like status:

Guitar Gods for a guitar God

Guitar Gods for a guitar God

Not only do these guitars have the looks to make you stand out, they feature a fit and finish second to none. Handmade construction, outstanding finishes, and 100% playable, these guitars are all made in Yuma, AZ by one gentleman, one at a time.

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Johnson Guitars U.S.A. designs another guitar to fit your military requirements…. Get yourself a Jet Guitar.

Need an F-15, Tornado, or possibly a MiG to rock? Working Afterburners are an option.



Johnson Jets2

Johnson Jets


Give us a call today for more details

Johnson USA Guitars has designs from Traditional and Modern, to full-blown Exotic in the line up. perhaps you are looking for something to assult your music with?

You may have seen Alice Cooper’s guitar player Kane Roberts armed with a Rocket Launching, Fire Breathing Machine Gun Guitar in concert:


Kane Roberts of Alice Cooper and Solo efforts

Or perhaps you have seen Kesha in concert sporting a Pyrotechnic Machine Gun Guitar as well?



Pop Star Ke$ha opening fire

All of these Machine Gun guitars were made by Johnson Guitars USA and are currently available.

Stremel Gun Guitar with working Pyrotechnics

Stremel Gun Guitar with working Pyrotechnics

AK-47 Machine Gun Guitar

AK-47 Machine Gun Guitar

Not only do they provide a level of attention demanding eye-candy, they are also well playing instruments that are not gimics. These guitars are extremely playable with Solid Wood construction, fast necks, and outstanding electronics… All made right here in the U.S.A.!

Open Fire

Open Fire

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The Stremel S-46 is an outstanding musical instrument in feel, playability, and comfort.

The Purpleheart S-46

The Purpleheart S-46

The Body is contoured so that there are no edges to dig into the player on the back, and the front is comfortable where the arm rests. The Upper frets also have excellent access. The body on this particular model is made “butcher Block” style with the woods consisting of Canary Wood, Purpleheart, and Maple. The bridge is a Schaller 3D-6: Fully adjustable on each saddle for windage and elevation

S-46 Body

The Neck is Maple with an Ebony fingerboard and the tuning machines are Gotoh

Ebony Fingerboard, Gotoh Tuners

The Electronics are Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, 3 way switch, 2 volumes, a 2 tones.

These guitars are also available in other Pickup and Bridge configurations (Single/Single/Single, Humbucker/Single/Single) and with Vintage, Bigsby, Floyd Rose, Kahler, Stop Tail Piece/Tune-O-Matic Bridges.

All of the Stremel Guitars are hand made right here in Yuma, AZ

Please contact us for more information.